Configure and buy the EAGLE software that's right for you

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Welcome to the CadSoft EAGLE online ordering system

This form allows you to configure and purchase your EAGLE licence.

You will be able to customize your EAGLE software in a number of ways:

Different editions:

  • EAGLE Light (1 schematic sheet, 2 signal layers, 100x80mm routing area)
  • EAGLE Standard (99 schematic sheets, 6 signal layers, 160x100mm routing area)
  • EAGLE Professional 999 schematic sheets, 16 signal layers, 4x4m (150 in x 150 in) routing area
  • EAGLE Make Pro (99 schematic sheets, 4 signal layers, 160x100 mm/6.4 in x 4 in routing area); annual license
  • EAGLE Make Personal (99 schematic sheets, 6 signal layers, 160x100mm routing area; for individual, non commercial use only!) Not available for China.

Different combination options of modules:

  • Schematic
  • Layout Editor
  • Autorouter

Different numbers of users: 1, 3, 5, 10, 30

You can find an overview of some of the options here

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